Retaining Walls


In San Francisco retaining wall maintenance is a must. With so much unusual terrain, and hilly landscapes, a failing retaining wall is definitely something to worry about. But how to address a deteriorating retaining wall? And how to know when to replace with pressure treated wood or is the concrete retaining wall worth the extra price? Instead of wondering, call Mark and he can come out to assess your retaining wall and provide feedback that will give you the information you need to make the best decision. M&L Construction specializes in wood framing, but can also provide help with concrete retaining walls under 4’.


Many details come into play when deciding on a pressure treated retaining wall or concrete. Pressure treated is typically the most cost effective retaining wall but a concrete retaining wall is sometimes the best answer when dealing with certain terrain or location. Another element to consider is the aesthetic as well. Often times the natural look and feel of the pressure treated wood is better than the industrious look of a concrete. While the concrete offers practical reasons, the wood provides a more pleasing look. Mark can go over your options and help you decide which will best suit your needs.

Call Mark Today to Tap Into His Extensive Knowledge and Experience Working on San Franciso Retaining Walls…

M&L Construction has been working on retaining walls for 15+ years in San Francisco. In addition to our 20+ years as carpenters, our extensive work in San Francisco has given us unique knowledge of the typical damage caused. Our expertise will allow us to help guide you in how to best repair damaged retaining walls and decide when it’s time to replace your stairs. And most importantly we are interested in our customer’s needs and how to best meet them. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, but even more in our satisfied customers.