Custom Built Stairs


It is almost a given that a San Francisco house come with stairs, and in the San Franciso weather you ca be sure that you will some day need to replace or repair them. And with ever changing safety codes, it’s always good to keep your stairs up to date. M&L Construction can do all of the above. Mark will come to your home and/or building to assess your stairs condition and provide you with the necessary feedback to decide how best to take care of the stairs. And as always our assessment and estimates are free.


The San Francisco Building Department typically requires permits to be pulled on all stair repairs. And usually if the repairs total less than 50% of the structure you can pull an over the counter (OTC) permits with no plans. If the repairs are extensive, more than 50%, and if you need to replace the stairs entirely, the Building Department will require plans and drawings be prepared by an engineer or other similar trained draftsperson to present for review and approval. While we are not trained in drawing or drafting ourselves, we can closely work with your engineers to ensure that the best solution is made in regards to repairing or replacing your stairs.

Call Mark Today to Tap Into His Extensive Knowledge and Experience Working on San Franciso Exterior Stairs…

M&L Construction has been working as custom carpenters on exterior stairs for 15+ years in San Francisco. In addition to our 20+ years in carpentry, our extensive work in San Francisco has given us unique knowledge of the typical damage caused. Our expertise will allow us to help guide you in how to best repair damaged stairs and decide when it’s time to replace your stairs. And most importantly we are interested in our customer’s needs and how to best met them. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, but even more in our satisfied customers.