Dry Rot Repair

Worried About Dry Rot or Wood Rot in San Francisco?

You Should Be – Here’s Why:

Finding dry rot anywhere in your home can be an unsettling experience. After all, the wood in your home is under attack, and you can feel as if your very home is crumbling around you.You know, it can happen to your porch, deck, deck stairs, even the beams and joists supporting your roof.

And when you discover that dry rot or wood rot is invading your home, you have every right to be concerned. It is only natural to start worrying:

  • What if there is even more damage that you can’t see?
  • Is the dry rot caused by termites or water damage? How can you tell?
  • Does dry rot repair cost a lot of money?
  • Is it even safe to use the deck or stairs that is damaged by wood rot?
  • If you fix the dry rot in one area, will it return or show up somewhere else?
  • Where can I find a dry rot repair contractor to give an honest opinion about what needs to be done?
Dry rot spreading to other wood

Get a Good Carpenter for Your Dry Rot Inspection Today

There is a quick and easy way to put your mind at ease. The first thing to do is to call in a dry rot repair expert who can figure out exactly what is happening and recommend the best and most cost-effective way to fix dry rot.

That would be a qualified carpenter, someone who is experienced in dry rot and wood rot repair. Someone just like Mark Hunt, San Francisco’s Dry Rot Doctor. Mark will figure out what is causing the rotten wood damage and he will work within your budget to:

  • conduct a comprehensive dry rot inspection
  • fix the damage caused by dry rot | wood rot
  • prevent any further further damage, expense
  • prevent the dry rot | wood rot from coming back
  • put your mind at ease

In short, Mark will figure out the best and most cost effective way to deal with the problem. Then he will make sure your home is safe and impervious to further attack.

What Bay Area Homeowners Say About Mark, The Dry Rot Contractor:

“When Mr. Mark Hunt, General Contractor, provided me with a Job Proposal for the water damage in the Garage of my rental property, I found him to be a person of integrity, excellent work ethic, professional and well prepared.”
— Dino, San Bruno

“Dear Mark:
I wanted to thank you for the job you did on removing the dry rot from my exterior back staircase and replacing it with pressure treated lumber. I have been wanting to do this job for several months now, but have had poor results getting reliable and honest contractors to bid on this job…

By the way, I wanted you to know that out of 10 contractor bids, you came out on top. It wasn’t only about getting a good price on the job…

I appreciate your efforts to restore my exterior stairway and make it safe once again for my tenants and I.  Your craftsmanship was excellent. I am very glad that I chose you to do this job as it is not always easy to find a contractor that is reliable and trustworthy. I will recommend you to my friends and anyone else that is in need of your services.”
— Vince

Now, think how much better you will feel, when your home is safe and secure again!

Just knowing that the deck or deck stairs are safe for your family and guests will be such a relief you will look back and wonder why it took you so long to decide now to call Mark.

Mark will get it done – quickly and economically – so that once again you can enjoy your home, free from worries.

You Have a Lot to Lose From Dry Rot and Wood Rot in Your Home

Do you realize that you are running the risk of:

  • further damage to the structural integrity of your home
  • the heartbreak and liability of someone becoming injured
  • the potential collapse of an unsafe deck or deck stairs
  • damage to your home’s value and market appeal

And last but not least, the lost peace of mind about your home and it’s structural integrity.

For more info, read this article: “3 Steps in fixing dry rot.”

Repair the Existing Dry Rot & Wood Rot Now – It Will Only Get Worse

Go ahead, admit it: you know that if you continue to put it off, the dry rot repair cost will only be even greater later.

Don’t wait until someone is hurt or the damage becomes even more extensive.

You have more important things to do that worry about dry rot and wood rot damaging your Home Sweet Home … call Mark Hunt, the San Francisco Dry Rot Doctor today at (415) 505-6093.

We are your local Richmond District, San Francisco dry rot repair contractor, large enough to handle most any job, yet small enough to give you the personal service you deserve.

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