Stucco & Siding Repair

Water Leak Detection, Home Siding & Stucco Repair San Francisco

The Importance Water Leak Detection And Avoiding Siding & Stucco Repair

M&L Construction specializes in exterior leak detection, dry rot repairs, siding and stucco repair in San Francisco. With almost 20 years’ experience in framing, our company has the expertise required to help you repair, replace or update all types of San Francisco siding. From plank siding to stucco, we can specialize in exterior siding repair as well as assess any possible damage found once the siding has been removed.

Siding repair and Stucco repair can be daunting home maintenance projects. Whether you want to update the building’s exterior or repair minor visible damage, siding and stucco repair can be a much bigger project than originally anticipated. Often times you are prepared for the enormity of the project upon recognizing the damage that can be seen on the outside, and other times you are completely stunned at the scale of which the project has grown once the framing has been exposed and the real damaged is revealed. Unfortunately in the climate and environment of San Francisco, these scenarios are far from uncommon, and some would say the norm. That is why early leak detection can save you money and headaches.

When in the throes of such overwhelming and unknown possibilities, it is best to be working with a contractor who knows how to make all the changes cosmetic and structurally with as little stress as possible. M&L Construction specializes in framing and we are experts in dry rot repair as San Francisco’s Dry Rot Doctor. We hone in on the problem areas and customize the solution to your needs and wants while ensuring we advise you on how best to repair the problem.

When having to repair the back bone of your home or building, you want to be sure it is done thoroughly and with expertise. Despite the many unknowns that come with repairing home siding and stucco finishes, you want the one known element to be that the company working on the property is competent, reliable and efficient. You also want them to be transparent and clear about costs and extent of work needed. M&L Construction is that general contracting firm for you.