Custom Built Decks

Why Custom Carpentry Matters for San Francisco Deck Construction

M&L Construction specializes in custom redwood decks in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our expertise spans over a decade in San Francisco and almost 20 years in custom carpentry. We use high quality redwood capable of withstanding the varied and sometimes brutal weather patterns of the San Francisco Bay Area. While we specialize in using redwood and other woods, we are also able to install composite decking. Regardless of the materials you choose for your deck, M&L Construction will work with you helping you design and create a deck that suits all your needs. When you call M&L Construction for your free deck estimate, Mark will arrange to meet with you and go over what you want and how to best install a new deck or how to best repair a deck.


A few words on redwood decks versus other deck materials.  Redwood is a naturally occurring tree in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has nature as its best defense against the beatings of cold, wet seasons and can withstand even the heaviest of traffic on its deck boards. Redwood decks typically have a minimum lifespan of 20+ years with little or no maintenance required.  We work with all types of lumber, not just redwood; it really depends on the homeowner’s preference. Ipe wood decking has been a popular alternative to redwood in San Francisco. It’s an extremely strong and durable wood but can be cost prohibitive for some homeowners. Its durability can be worth the extra money, but if you are working on a budget we would recommend the more popular redwood.

Redwood, Ipe and other wood decks provide natural and warm looks, but composite decking has been making great strides in its aesthetics and is often indecipherable from the natural wood decking. While we at M&L Construction may favor the natural wood for its durability, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and look, composite is an excellent alternative for those who choose it.

Call Mark Today to Tap Into His Extensive Knowledge and Experience of San Francisco Deck Building

M&L Construction has been working custom carpentry on redwood decks and redwood fences for 10+ years in San Francisco. In addition to our 20+ years in carpentry, our extensive work in San Francisco has given us unique knowledge of the typical damage caused. Our expertise will allow us to help guide you in to how best to repair damaged decks and decide when it’s time to replace a deck. And most importantly, we are interested in our customer’s needs and how best to meet them. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, but even more in our satisfied customers.